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Web Works Digital Marketing takes off the complex task of website maintenance so you can focus on your business.

Protect Your Website Against Data Loss or Cyber Attacks with Web Maintenance.

What do you get with Web Works Digital Marketing Website Maintenance

Our web maintenance service is designed for e-commerce, small businesses, and brands to improve your search visibility. When you get our team to manage your website, you can count on us to deliver the following:

Flexible Plans

Whether you need us for a weekly update, monthly monitor, or yearly CMS management, we have flexible and affordable web maintenance for your needs. We can help your website keep up with the ever-changing industry, improve your search rankings, generate quality traffic, and engage with your customers.

Reduce bandwidth and improved page speeds

Our web developer team analyzes your code and removes redundancies to improve performance. Minifying codes reduces load time and bandwidth usage on websites, thereby increasing your page speed and accessibility. Our goal is to help you provide the ultimate user experience to your target audience.

Website Audit

We evaluate your website to determine the elements and plugins that affect rankings and performance. Our audit considers ease of navigation, broken links, page coding, loading time, site architecture, and other relevant tests. We analyze the results, forward them to our web dev team and implement modifications and refinements.

Regular Website Backups

Rest easy knowing that your data is safe from server breakdowns, cyberattacks, phishing, and identity theft. In just a few clicks, you can revert to a previous version of your website. Doing regular website backups helps you recover lost data within minutes and prevent downtime.

Backlink Audit
Fix Broken Links

Broken links confuse your visitors and discourage them from staying on your website longer. Having broken links increases your bounce rate, affects your page views and organic traffic. Your website won't be indexed correctly, impacting your search rankings. Our website audit evaluates your links and redirects pages as needed.

Web Element Check-Ups

Web Works Digital Marketing aims to help your business get qualified traffic, improve brand reputation and recognition by assessing your website's aspects. Our web team will evaluate your website's aspects, including on-page elements, and ensure every element is working optimally.

Secured Website

Keep your website protected from data loss, phishing, cyberattacks, and identity theft with regular website maintenance. Web Works Digital Marketing keeps your plugins updated and installs an extra security layer to prevent vulnerabilities and earn your customer trust. Our website maintenance plans come with an SSL certificate for a better user experience and improved search rankings.

Development and Design

Do you wish to add web pages, sections, or features to your website, but you don't have the time and skills to do it? We got you covered. Our team of expert web developers can handle all aspects of your web development by adding a page and deleting a section to update your design.

Content Creation & Marketing
Content Update

Web Works Digital Marketing can also create and post blogs and content for your website. We take off these updates from your plate so you can focus on running your business efficiently and engaging with your potential customers. Our content team crafts relevant content that boosts your branding, adds value to your website and helps your customers.

Smarter Insights

We interpret Google Analytics and translate significant numbers for you. We can also help build a great strategy to boost your rankings, increase qualified traffic and turn your potential leads to sales. We have the tools, skills, and expertise to interpret data and numbers to understand better how your website performs.

peace of mind
Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind knowing that your website is well protected, fully backed up, and monitored round the clock. Web Works Digital Marketing has a dedicated team to oversee and maintain your website so you can provide your undivided attention to your business, potential leads, and regular customers.

Award-winning Customer Support

Need some help with your backup? Do you wish to update your content? Having trouble with your broken links? No matter your website maintenance needs, our helpful staff is highly trained to help your website maintenance needs prevent downtime and keep your business running.

Are you ready to get started?

Frequently Asked Questions

Email marketing is a highly converting digital marketing strategy that involves sending emails to prospects and customers. Successful email marketing turn prospects into customers and convert one-time purchasers into loyal, regulars. Email marketing focuses on delivering customer-related content to reach out to potential customers or follow-up regular buyers.

Strategic emails generate 4400% Returns on Investment. Emails have better conversions, with people who purchase products through email marketing spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers. Compared to social media, email has the average order value thrice. Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective and successful ways to reach out to your audience. 

There are plenty of ways your business can take advantage of email marketing. The survey reveals that 59% of customers indicated that they were influenced by email regarding their buying decision. Web Works Marketing can help whether you aim to drive your sales and conversions or engage with your customers. We improve brand awareness and recognition, convert potential customers.

The goal is to capture your audience’s attention in less than 8 seconds or risk having your emails unread. Short emails can help convert better since they have a higher open and response rate. You don’t always need a short copy since your email’s length depends on your marketing goals. 

Web Works Marketing doesn’t produce a generic copy or cookie-cutter emails that don’t meet your marketing goals. Our writers are trained to craft eye-catching copy that drives the audience to action.

Digital marketing strategies are interconnected in some ways. Email marketing can drive qualified traffic to your website, boosts on-site engagement, allows you to develop a more targeted content marketing strategy, convert high-performing copy into new website content, and encourage social shares.

We’ve studied all aspects of email marketing to help businesses increase their open rates. Our marketers can also do the same for your business. We look at the content, context, timing, and subject lines to ensure your email gets the attention it needs.

Web Works Digital Marketing Maintenance Services Made for Your Business. We keep you on top of your Website Maintenance.

Web Works Digital Marketing has an expert team dedicated to optimize, update and maintain your website.


◉ fix broken links

◉ update plugins

◉ security and cyber attacks

◉ redirect pages

◉ and boost website performance.


Our website maintenance is tailor-fit to your website needs whether you are a small business or e-commerce. We assess your website and recommend necessary fixes, updates, and maintenance to boost your performance and attract quality traffic.


Don’t miss out on potential leads with a bad-performing website. 88% of your traffic will not revisit your website if your web page loads longer or if they have a terrible user experience.


Website maintenance is the backbone of your website health. You must conduct regular updates and checkups to protect your website against vulnerabilities.


Is your website running on an old template? Do you backup your website regularly? Is your website secure from identity theft or cyber-attacks?


Even if you haven’t experienced a data breach or data loss, maintaining your website must keep up with the search engine algorithm and provide the ultimate user experience.


All these updates and fixes are done with minimum downtime so your customers can access your website at peak hours.

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