Site Optimization Google: How To Improve Your Google Ranking

Site Optimization Google

Topping Google’s search engine result page can be an arduous task. However, if you want to top or improve your Google rankings, you need to consider using site optimization google. This site optimization will be an efficient way to make your site both Google and user friendly. Moreover, here is how to improve your Google rankings by site optimization.


Site Optimization Google Ranking Factors


In order to target a specific enhancement, you need to know the factors that can affect your Google ranking to help your website improve. Here are the site optimization Google factors.


Technical Ranking Factors


This is the measured overall performance of your website. Moreover, this includes:


  • Page Speed

No one likes waiting for a very long time. Hence, if your website is taking forever to load, get ready to hit rock bottom. The preferred page speed is between 1-2 seconds. Therefore, if your website takes a longer time to load, you might want to start to modify your site.


  • Mobile-Friendly

Almost every person on this planet possesses a cell phone nowadays. With these, they can search, buy, and do almost everything online. Furthermore, even though your website is perfectly opted for desktop versions, Google might have a hard time crawling your website if it is not mobile friendly. This is because Google uses mobile-index crawling; it refers to the mobile version of a website when it evaluates a certain page. 


  • Internal Links

Google is able to crawl through your website and recommend your contents to users by the internal links you are using. Through internal links, you may let your website have a different topic cluster, linking to your website in a specific article.This internal link drives traffic to your website, which enables Google to find you.


Off-page Ranking Factors


Primarily involving backlinks, this is measured by Google somewhere within your website. It includes:


  • Backlinks

Different from internal links, backlinks are gathered from outside your page or website. Backlinks include the number and the features of the links that are a hefty benchmark of the web page’s qualities. 


Moreover, in order to get backlinks, here are the following strategies:


  • High-quality Content

Having distinct and high-quality content will promote your website’s backlinks on its own. Also, providing a page that consists of links steering back to your website suggests that a certain page is allocating excellent merit to Google. 


  • Guest Posting

Guest posting establishes your knowledge by writing and posting an article on someone’s website while building links reverting to your website.The secret to this site optimization google strategy is to guarantee exceptional ideas from reliable sources that will efficiently serve your audience.


  • Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is content marketing which taps into passion, talent, and experience. This kind of backlink building is identified into two strategies: (1) getting featured on podcasts, webinars, or any form of media; and (2) generating data-driven content that produces links on its own. Moreover, getting involved in any of the two strategies will accredit advocating your website’s features and link stem from your website.


On-page Ranking Factors


Relating to your website’s content and used keywords, Google measures your website’s content quality for your on-page ranking. Furthermore, factors include:


  • Targeting Keyword

Keywords are essential to your website—they are the ones being typed in Google’s search box in order to find what they are looking for. Therefore, before making content for your website, you might want to contemplate on an appropriate keyword first. For example, if you are targeting to drive traffic in your SEO article, let your keyword be search engine optimization or SEO


  • Title and Header

After contemplating on a fine keyword, you should insert it into your title and headings. It is important to include your keywords in the title tag because your title is first seen on the search engine result page, and not your content. Therefore, if you want your content to be seen, you must include your keywords in your title tags and headings. 


  • Meta description

Every good book has short, yet precise information in the back for the readers to have an idea about the book despite not reading the content. Meta description shares the same concept as that. Meta description might not be visible on the website, yet they are visible in search results. Hence, making a good meta description can help you with your site optimization google rankings.


  • Alt Text for Images

Every image we see on Google, although we probably don’t know, possesses SEO components. Alt text or tags are made to describe a certain image to visually impaired people. Furthermore, if your image is unable to load, the alt text will show up on its behalf, helping search engines recognize the image accurately. 


  • URL

The way you construct your URL can actually influence your rankings in Google. If your URL has a lot going on—like jumbled letters, numbers, or signs—search engines will not be able to recognize your page. Try structuring your URL as simple and concise as possible, and never forget your keyword.


  • Information

Another big factor to your Google ranking is your information quality. Your content is the heart of your website. Therefore, having high-quality information is a must, especially with your keywords inserted. You must keep your information and keywords updated from time to time because Google search trends differ from time to time. 




Competition is synonymous with the business industry. It is inevitable to have competitors doing better than you. Therefore, WebWorks Digital Marketing is lending a hand to help you improve your Google rankings. By ensuring that you have correct and good quality site optimization google factors, WebWorks Digital Marketing will help you make your way to the top. 


However, making your way to the top can take time—especially if you aim for Google’s top search engine results page. It may take even more time if you are unaware of things you should do to achieve your ranking goals. Hence, consider these factors to increase the visibility of your website in Google’s SERP. Furthermore, you should note that optimizing your Google takes a lot of effort. But as long as you keep your website updated and functional, your digital business will gradually grow.