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Web Works Digital Marketing specializes in Smooth and Seamless Data Migration.

We Migrate Your Website to a new CMS site without losing any Traffic or Data.

Migrating your website can be overwhelming if you don’t have the experience and software to get things done. Website migration involves a massive change from the URL, design, site structure, content to the user interface. Besides the technical side of CMS migration, transferring your existing website to a new CMS platform requires complex decisions.

Things to Consider When Choosing a CMS

Our web development team focuses on improving your website and user experience to boost your traffic, conversions, and sales. Web Works Digital Marketing migrates websites with SEO in mind. We are driven to migrate websites without losing organic visibility and rankings.


If all possible solutions to the current website have been exhausted and the decision to shift to a new platform has been reached, we help clients to determine their next CMS based on the following requirements:

Data Integrity

We have a modern data-specific approach to data migration. Your data is safe with us.

Systematic Data Backups

In the event of migration errors, we can completely restore your data.

Hands-on Customer Support

Our goal is to take off your mind worrying about your data and the entire migration. We guide you through selecting the right CMS platform for your business and provide comprehensive support for the full migration and after.

Retain SERP Rankings

We don’t compromise your traffic or SERP ranking. You can preserve your traffic and all other ranking signals post-migration.

Why You Should Invest in CMS Migration Services

CMS Migration is different from web redesign. Updating your website design focuses on aesthetics to improve how your website actually looks. While CMS migration can also do that, it also takes into consideration your website’s features, functionalities, performance, and all contexts of managing a website to improve the overall experience for web owners and users. 


When Does a CMS Need to be Changed?

◉ Your website cannot support functions essential for your business.

◉ Your website cannot sustain your desired web design aesthetics.

◉ Your website cannot support your SEO techniques and strategies. 

◉ Your website maintenance is costly.

◉ Your website cannot accommodate a large amount of traffic. 

◉ Your website speed is slow. 

◉ Your website needs rebranding

◉ Your website cannot handle larger amounts of traffic

Why Web Works Digital Marketing?

Web Works Digital Marketing provides an extensive migration service. Our expert team transfers everything you need from your existing website to your new CMS platform.


We help enhance your overall online presence and user experience. 

We mitigate the risks and issues during the migration process to ensure data security and integrity.

We help determine a custom CMS migration plan that covers all data migration without losing your datarankings and at minimal downtime.

Count on us to deliver seamless and smooth data migration. Call us today.

Why You Need to Invest in CMS Migration

   ◉ Accommodate large traffic to your website.

   ◉ Gain control to edit and manage your website. 

   ◉ Improve page load speed and website performance factors for SEO. 

   ◉ Strengthen data security and protect the website against a data breach. 

   ◉ Create a more responsive website

   ◉ Engage customers and provide them a better user experience. 


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The CMS Migration Process

Focus on your business with a scalable and optimized website. Our CMS migration allows you to conduct business, handle a large amount of traffic and meet the increasing needs of your target customers.


At Web Works Digital Marketing, expect us to take the following steps when performing your CMS migration:


Our goal is to understand your website issues and migration requirements. We sit with you to talk about the problems that you are dealing with your current website and take note of the technical specifications you need for your new CMS platform. This process allows us to gauge your expectations.

Website Audit

We conduct a technical assessment of your existing website and its CMS to find other existing issues we can eliminate during CMS migration. A website audit also allows us to reinforce your concerns and determine the tools and requirements need to migrate your content to the new CMS.


Successful data migration requires extensive planning. Once we gather all the necessary data, we will develop a detailed plan for the data migration. We put in mind your site content, features, functionalities, security and target audience. Our expert team assess every aspect of your CMS migration for seamless execution.

Backlink Audit
Post Migration Support

Our migration service doesn't end after website deployment. We will help maintain your website and run a systematic web performance analysis for bugs. Our web development team will fix issues to ensure your website runs in its optimum performance so you can focus on your business.


We walk you through our migration plans and apply your suggested changes. As soon as we agreed on the CMS migration plan, we will start migrating your data to your new CMS system. We will follow an exact timeframe and provide constant updates.

Website Development

Your website will still be up and running while we migrate your new CMS. We conduct complete testing of the new website to ensure everything runs smoothly and meets your requirements. We also let you check the new site on a staging environment before launching.

Site Backup

Website backup is an essential part of CMS migration. We back up your current website, so we can restore it anytime in case of migration issues. In the event that technical issues arise, you are at peace knowing you can restore your website.

Website Deployment

As soon as you approve all the changes and migration, we can deploy and launch your new website and replace the old one. Our team oversees the entire migration from start to finish to ensure everything is carried out according to plan.

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