Affordable SEO Pricing In 2021: How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

SEO Pricing In 2021

As a business owner, you need to step up your game so that you will not be left behind. Whether you are just starting or you already have an ongoing business, you have to use every strategy that fits to grow your business. One of the strategies that you should focus on is SEO. SEO is very important for every business’s marketing strategy, and it could cost you a lot, depending on your needs. This article will discuss affordable SEO pricing to give you an idea on how much you should spend for your SEO efforts in 2021.


Introduction To SEO Pricing

How much would SEO services normally cost? How do you determine an affordable SEO pricing? To give a direct answer to these questions, there is no standard cost. A freelancer or a marketing agency can charge whatever prices they want. This might get you thinking that it will be hard to budget funds for SEO services; however, there are things that you can do. Researching more about the SEO services you need could give you a general idea of how much they cost. Also, looking into the freelancer’s and digital marketing agencies’ profiles could give you an idea if the price is right.


Several factors affect SEO pricing. By knowing these factors, you can decide for yourself if the price is truly right. First, you have to determine your business’s specific goals since SEO pricing will be based on how big your project will be. Also, the size of your business will be taken into consideration. Of course, it is an aim for all business owners to grow their businesses. You also need to have an action plan as your business grows. This will make your business require more SEO services, thus requiring you to pay more for these services.


Furthermore, the industry to which your business belongs should also be considered since SEO methods can vary from one industry to another. This leads to another important factor to be considered, which is the competition. As the competition gets tougher and tougher, you may have to employ more on your SEO efforts, especially in keyword research and targeting an effective SEO strategy.


Lastly, you need to make sure that the freelance or marketing agency you plan to hire for SEO services is reliable and trustworthy. Make sure that they will not simply change their rates whenever they want. Also, you have to see if they are producing quality results. You have to carefully research their background for their skills, specialties, experience, and the results that they produced in their past clients. You won’t have a problem with this since they will likely have a portfolio that speaks about their past projects.


SEO Payment Models

Of course, you would want to know the usual SEO pricing and the affordable SEO pricing available today. Hence, here are the payment modes that freelancers and marketing agencies usually offer:

  • Hourly Rate. This model is mostly applied for minor projects that require very specific work. You pay the freelancer or the agency on an hourly basis as they help you with specific tasks to help you with your marketing strategy.
    Project-based Rate. This model is applied for a one-time big project. Everything you need in fulfilling your marketing strategy will be done by the people you hire. As this is only one-time, there won’t be recurring work after your objectives are met.
  • Ala Carte Pricing. This model is applied when you only have some tasks that you need help with. If you can fulfill some parts of your marketing strategy by yourself but need assistance with content creation, keyword research, and backlinks, then this model may suit you.
  • Monthly Retainers. This model is best known as SEO packages, which are popular with SEO agencies today. These packages can let you stay on your budget while getting monthly SEO services that fit your marketing strategy.

Furthermore, an experienced freelancer or agency typically charges $50 to $200 per hour for an hourly rate payment model. For a project-based payment model, small businesses usually spend around $1,000 to $30,000. These figures can serve as a basis for you to know what affordable SEO pricing is today.


SEO Packages

As mentioned, SEO packages are popular in providing agencies SEO services. These packages’ contents vary depending on the agency, but these are more likely to include keyword research, content marketing, link building, social media management, and others.
At WebWorks Digital Marketing, we offer several packages that can fit your budget. Here is a quick overview of our packages:

  • Bronze. At $750/month, this package had already helped many of our clients to increase driven traffic into their website.
  • Silver. At $1,000/month, we guarantee that this package is suitable for every niche and industry.
  • Gold. At $1,500/month, your business can get ahead of the competition and perform better than ever. This is perfect for e-commerce websites, brands, and businesses.

All our packages contain SEO services in keyword research, content marketing, link building, and promotional content. Furthermore, the Silver and Gold package has additional guest blogs and social media management. The differences between the features of each package are the number of keywords, articles, blogs, and infographics that will be given to you.

We also offer what we call Tier packages which are divided into 3 types. These Tier packages are perfect for those who are just starting their SEO journey as we offer them affordable SEO pricing.

  • Tier 1. At $200/month with the required 3-month commitment, this package can get you started on your SEO journey.
  • Tier 2. At $350/month, this SEO marketing package can help you boost your step towards conversions.
  • Tier 3. At $500/month, this package can help your business take a huge step in developing through increasing your leads and revenues.


It can be hard to search for affordable SEO pricing. However, in WebWorks Digital Marketing, we offer several carefully designed packages to fit your budget while giving you outstanding results. We can help you boost rankings and revenues through the SEO packages that we offer. Click here for more details on our affordable SEO pricing packages that are guaranteed to enhance your website performance, improve your online visibility, and convert your audience into sales.